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My Team, Oriana Financial

I’m very proud to be a part of Oriana Financial, a team that values a client’s best interest as a top priority. Being part of a large team provides me with greater discounts and a more diverse lender base giving my clients more products to choose from.

Oriana is a boutique brokerage out of Toronto with offices here in Ottawa, they may be small but they are mighty in the mortgage industry. Oriana has an outstanding reputation within the lender community along with strong ties to the broker/agents they hire. What does this mean for you? Greater discounts, better products and a high level of service and contact.

To learn more about Oriana Financial visit their website: www.orianafinancial.com

About Oriana Financial
Mortgage Agent #11001966

  • Working for you. Your Mortgage Expert understands the needs of clients and the complexities involved in obtaining and communicating their financing requirements.
  • Representing you. Your Mortgage Expert does business with a variety of lenders compared to traditional institutions concerned in selling only “their” product.
  • Utilizing their independence. Your Mortgage Expert has access to a wide range of Financial Services and Products to ensure financing requirements are met precisely with the customers’ best interest in mind.
  • Having a strong understanding of the marketplace. Your Mortgage Expert will shop for the best deal, without the inconvenience of setting up appointments and the subsequent credit inquiries.
  • Maintaining a professional standard. Your Mortgage Expert is required to be registered with the Ministry of Finance and complete the required educational programs ongoing.
  • Upholding strict confidentiality. Integrity that you can trust.
  • Providing you with peace of mind. Working with you, “Working for you”.


Term Our Rate Bank Rate
2 YEAR 5.39% 7.35%
3 YEAR 4.99% 7.14%
4 YEAR 5.04% 6.99%
5 YEAR 4.89%* 7.04%
5 YEAR variable 6.15%* 7.20%
23 May 2024

*Special conditions apply. Interest rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

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